Prague - Munich

30.4.2004 3.5.2004
Prague - Mánes (Broadcasting live) Munich - Gasteig



                   2nd concert,  Monday  3 May 2004,                     Gasteig-Mnichov


          Part I: 20:00–20:45: „Violin Summit“                                       ...more

                 Part II: 21:00–21:45: Bavarian „First Herd“                        ...more

                 Part III: 22:00–22:45: „Kentonmania“ Big Band           ...more

                 Part IV: 22:50–23:00: „The Big Finale                                  ...more


                                         Moderators: Michaela Merten and Rainer Wallraf

Bayerisches Kunstministerium
Czech Ministry of Culture
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Czech Radio
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Concerts in Prague and Munich on the occasion of accession of the Czech Republic to the EU on May 1